Project Fives Alive! is a partnership between the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the National Catholic Health Service (NCHS) that seeks to assist and accelerate the attainment of Ghana’s fourth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing mortality in children Under-5 from an estimated 110 per 1000 live births to less than 40 per 1000 live births (66% decrease) by 2015 in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and other faith-based health services through the application of quality improvement (QI) methods.The Project was officially launched in July 2008, in Tamale and is being implemented in four consecutive waves till March 2015.

Effective August 2012, the project has also launched an additional strategy to improve access and outcomes for mothers and newborns through improvements in faulty referral processes while fostering cross-site learning, sharing, standardization and dissemination amongst Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded projects in MNH referral work in Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria. The MNH referral is leveraging the existing “platform” of district-wide and hospital-based Improvement Collaborative Networks.

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